30 Jun 2016

Particularized about Customers Postpaid Mobile Operator Services, Nina KH Completed Doctoral degree

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Assistant Coordinator of Transformation Management Tel-U, Nina Kurnia Hikmawati, SE, MM received a doctorate after thoroughly researching about Customers Postpaid Mobile Operator Services in Indonesia. Her dissertation was read out in final examination of Management Science Doctoral Program Concentrations of Business Management Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Padjadjaran Bandung, Wednesday (29/6).

Entittled “Marketing Relational and Marketing Mix Effect on Customer Value and Brand Image And Its Implication on Customer’s Trust (Study on the Customers Postpaid Mobile Operator Services in Indonesia)”, Nina passed with excellent grade.

In front of the Team Leader Prof. Dr. H. Sucherly, SE, MS, 1 Member Prof Dr H Surachman Sumawihardja, SE, Member 2D Helmi Arief SE, MSi, and the examiner Dr. Husni Amani, Nina read out the findings about 2 hours.

On her research revealed, the number of mobile telecom customers in Indonesia continues to increase significantly. Most customers are prepaid subscribers while the number of postpaid customers is relatively small.

To be able to maintain the achievement of customers and continue to increase the number of customers, it takes great confidence of customers to telecommunication service providers.

“This study aims to reveal the data and information related to relationship marketing and marketing mix towards customer value and brand image as well as its implications on customer confidence in Postpaid Mobile service operator in Indonesia,” he said.

This research uses explanatory survey method. The unit of analysis in this study is a mobile operator services in Indonesia with the unit of observation is Customers Postpaid Mobile Operator Services in Indonesia This study is based on a cross sectional coverage on 2015. Data were analyzed by descriptive and verification. In analyzing the relationship between variables, indicators, research variables, and used his error approach SEM (Structural Equation Modeling).

Results of the study revealed that relational marketing has not been implemented properly, Marketing Mix has not been implemented properly, Customer Value not yet well developed, yet a good brand image and customer confidence is still low at the Mobile Operator postpaid services in Indonesia. Relational marketing is closely linked to the Marketing Mix.

Relational Marketing contributed larger than the marketing mix in influencing customer value, brand image and customer confidence. Brand image associated with customer value and both affect the Trust Customer, where the contribution of customer value is greater than the image of the brand. Relational Marketing and Marketing Mix effect on customer confidence through Customer Value and Brand Image. (Purel / raf)

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