28 Sep 2015

PasarLaut Primoditi become a Winner in Hackathon Competition

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Again, Telkom University (Tel-U) team became a winner in the competition. At this time the team successfully win at Merdeka Hackathon competition which took place on 22-23 August, with the design of their applications called PasarLaut Primoditi. The team consists of two students from MBTI Faculty of Economics Business (FEB) Farid Nawfal Aslam and Raden Johannes Heryo Priambodo.

“PasarLaut Primoditi is an application design Startup PasarLaut.com which created by Telkom University students. The concept and the main objective, to collect data related to the principal commodities in real time and reliably using mobile applications and cloud platforms for cooperative managerial and market managers, “said Johannes, last weekend.

He said, initially making this application is based on the problems faced by the marine and fishery union in Subang, West Java. Here, the team found that the union, as the point of initial distribution, keep the transaction records and commodities with sloppy and inefficient. In fact, records that are not likely to reduce their profit neatly around 60-70% each month because of the unpaid debts.

“We try to help resolve the problem at the distribution point beginning with designing a managerial platform for transaction management and commodity for the union, to help them manage their business better. In addition we can help the government to monitor developments in commodity at the point of production through this platform, “said Johannes.

According to him, the application PasarLaut Primoditi have a concept in the form of a managerial platform for transaction management and commodity funds for marine union and market managers. Then comes the additional mobile applications for government reporting in commodity prices in order to enrich the incoming data input.

Because of this achievement, Farid and Johannes with other participants who participated in Hackathon Merdeka asked for a presentation in front of the President, Joko Widodo.

“I hope, through the competition will exist that can be integrated from previous solutions in pasarlaut.com application with problems of food into the theme of Hackaton Merdeka code4nation,” he said. (purel / risca)

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