30 May 2020

Post-Pandemic Vocational Strategy & Policy

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Indonesian Private Vocational Director Forum (FDVSI) organized a webinar entitled “Direction, Strategy, and Policy of Post-Palmistry Vocational Higher Education” 19th COVID “. The event held on Saturday (30/5) was followed by around 3000 through the Zoom application and also aired on YouTube Channel Forum of Indonesian Private Vocational Directors.

Speaker at this event was the Director-General of Vocational Education Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud RI) Wikan Sakarinto, Ph.D., Head of the Regional Higher Education Service Institution IV (LLDIKTI) Prof. Uman Suherman, and Rector of Telkom University Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya who is also an FDVSI Advisory Council.

Chairman of FDVSI Dr. Agus Purnomo explained that currently, FDVSI has around 189 directors from polytechnics, academies & vocational schools/faculties from Sabang to Merauke.

“The purpose of holding this event is that we want to be partners to socialize the various directorate general policies and programs while at the same time observing & accommodating various aspirations of FDVSI.” He said.

Through this forum Agus also said that currently there are 4 problems faced by Vocational PTS, the first is the Revitalization of PT (Higher Education) Vocational, Link & Match with Industry, the third is the Implementation of Ministerial Memes and the fourth is Accreditation.

“We hope we can solve this problem together so that in the future we ready to contribute to this nation.” He said.

Telkom University Rector Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya explained that educational institutions should be able to maintain sustainability, especially as the current pandemic conditions, 3 important things must be considered to create service excellence to create sustainability, including Adaptive, Innovative and Collaboration.

“The most important thing is we have to create collaboration, with the collaboration we can provide the best for this nation, collaboration is very important because if we innovate and be able to adapt and collaborate with industry will benefit the nation, I believe The Power of Synergy, Synergy is Better than my way or your way, it is our way. ” He said.

Wikan Sakarinto, Ph.D., explained, to establish a good relationship with the industry there need to be 9 important points that must be remembered include:

  1. The curriculum is compiled together with industry parties
  2. Guest lecturers from industry
  3. A well-managed internship program
  4. A strong and official commitment to absorbing graduates
  5. Scholarship program
  6. Bridging program where the industry introduces technology and work processes to lecturers
  7. Competency certification for graduates
  8. Laboratory equipment assistance by the industry
  9. Join research.

“These nine points must be agreed by both parties and must be shared and I hope that this can be born and added to, these are the points that must be linked to the industry, and the industry must ensure that we provide good quality.” He said.

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