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15 Nov 2021

Presenting Data Visually Through Infographics

In the current abundance of data and information, much important information then escapes attention. Infographics, as a form of visual communication, can be used as an alternative and a solution to communicate information and ideas to the public. Hadi Purnama conveyed this, a lecturer in the Public Relations study program, Faculty of Communication and Business, Telkom University, at the Infographic Making Workshop as a form of Visual Storytelling with Data for Village Development Data Processing in West Java Province. According to Hadi, infographics do not only display beautiful visuals. They also contain data, facts and reflect reality.

Furthermore, Hadi explained, “Infographic Making Techniques” revealed five reasons for using infographics: describing data, simplifying complex problems, illustrating comparisons, building awareness, and summarizing long content. Additional information, infographics can convey information to almost all ages and levels of education. It is possible considering that infographics highlight the storytelling aspect through a visual approach.

On Thursday (11/1), this activity, the Head of Institutional and Community Participation Development Division of the West Java Province Community and Village Empowerment Service, Lisa Avianty, M.K.M. In her speech, Lisa welcomed the collaboration with Telkom University, considering that the topics discussed at the workshop were very relevant to the needs in the field. Information packaged visually is considered much easier to understand by various publics, especially for rural areas.

Other facilitators who attended the workshop were Aditya Ali, S.Sos., M.Ds., and Muhammad Al Assad R. S.I. Kom., M.I. Kom. each of which will bring the topic “Understanding and Introduction to Visual Elements” and “Conceptual Infographic Digital Visual Storytelling.” The workshop, planned for PkM activities, will be held for two sessions, namely on 11 and 18 November 2021, and will be held online and attended by approximately 25 participants. The participants are structurally part of the Community and Village Empowerment Service, West Java Province, including the Regency and Provincial SSPMD Patriot Village program management team, KPPM staff, DPM Desa PR team, and staff in DPM fields.

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