03 Feb 2017

Priyantono Rudito: Human Development in the Age of Digitalization

BANDUNG, TELKOM UNIVERSITY – Disruptive innovation is significantly alter the global economy because of its ability to create new markets, disturbing even undermine existing markets, which in turn replaced the previous technology. The emergence of digital corporation (start-up) become a trigger to form a digital disruptive phenomenon.

This was revealed by the Director of Human Capital Management Telkomsel, Priyantono Rudito on General Lecture entitled Human Capital Management in the Digital Era on Friday (03.02.17) at the School of Industrial Engineering Telkom University.

“I interpret it (digital disruptive) as the alternation of old economic regime into a new economic regime. The new regime has changed completely, today’s customer expectations are fast service and low prices or even free. The ability to monetize the new regime is that we need to think about. “Said Priyantono.

In the face of the current era of digitalization Piryantono reveals that there are only two conclusions Doing Nothing and Doing Something. That is if you do not want the hassle (not doing anything) so make a choice to follow the development of innovation and digitalization.

“Doing something is like reforming technology. But to be considered the renewable technology is not enough, the people also need to be updated so that there is continuity between technology and people. “

That’s why every leader should not be too comfortable with the current corporate situation, while there is a danger that at times can be annoying “if you have a leader lying on the too comfortable and no innovation, it can be danger. The leader needs to have a spirit that employees also have a desire to change, “he said.

“Following the development of digitalization was need to change many aspects, but the most important aspect is the human development” he concluded.

Abdullah Adnan

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