01 Mar 2019

Prof. Roni: Similar is not necessarily plagiarism

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Besides Plagiarism there are several examples of violations in writing scientific papers, among others Falsification, Fabrication, Self- Plagiarism, and Plagiarism. This was stated by Professor of Padjadjaran University Prof. Roni Kastaman, when he was a guest speaker in the Socialization of Similarity Understanding on Scientific Work at the 2nd Floor of Bangkit Building, Thursday (28/2).

Prof. Roni said that similarity in writing is not necessarily plagiarism, because there are a number of things that need to be considered to avoid plagiarism, among others: paraphrase, do direct quotes, do quotations on your own writing to avoid self-plagiarism and always include sources of quotes on narratives that quoted and in the bibliography.

“In accordance with the title of this socialization, I would like to say that the similarity in writing a scientific paper is not necessarily plagiarism, as long as it follows the available rules and regulations.”

In accordance with the regulation of the national education minister number 17 year 2010 concerning prevention and control of plagiarism in universities, Telkom University is very focused on preventing plagiarism in writing scientific papers, therefore training like this is given.

The event which was attended by Telkom University Lecturers, the chairman of the expertise group from each faculty was opened by Vice Rector I Academic Affairs Dr.Dadan Rahadian. In his speech, Dadan hoped that from this activity the participants could benefit and accelerate their positions to professors.

“Hopefully the knowledge provided by Prof. Roni can be utilized as much as possible by all colleagues for the progress of this institution.”

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