Public Relation Competencies Should In line with ICT Development


BANDUNG, TEL – U – Whether or not the world community is now confronted with changes in information and communication technology (ICT) is so rapid. The presence of Internet has become a part of life. Social media, blogs, online petitions and online news media and other applications allow people to channel their opinions in public with ease.

This was conveyed by lecturers of Telkom University (Tel-U) and Chairman of the Association of Higher Education Communication Studies (ASPIKOM), Drs. Purnama Hadi, Msi. According to him, the changes taking place in the world community today is a challenge for Science Communication program based study.

“Globalization, technological change, the emergence of new media, and the complexity of the ethical environment a trend that will affect the practice of Public Relations (PR). The changes will give the challenges of trust and credibility of the institution, as well as the role of public communication on the integration of internal and organizations increasingly important, “he said at a PR event Engagement, Sharing Experiences Trough Pentahelix Synergy, in Panghegar Bandung, Thursday (4/9).

He added that the trends that affect the practice of Public Relations is a challenge and an opportunity for the department of Communication Studies Public Relations concentration. Communication Studies course curriculum must be in accordance with changes in information technology. Not only that, Prodi Science Communication or Public Relations must have its own peculiarities. For example, in Tel-U, peculiar to the Digital Public Relations.

“Public Relations professionals are needed now is the master of digital communications, able to plan communication strategies, capable of creating strategic content, and can measure the success of the communication. Public relations professionals should be able to become a consultant, innovator and integrator for the brand, “said Hadi.

He added that the department of Public Relations should produce graduates whose profile has the understanding and ability to conceptualize and write to the scope of Public Relations. They should have the competence to resolve the crisis, analytical thinking, strategic action and able to perform the evaluation.

In addition to Hadi, event speakers Head of Public Relations, Protocol and General Secretariat of West Java province Gandakusumah Ruddy, Editor in Chief and Chief Community Officer Petty Femina. S Fatimah and Vice President of Marketing Communications Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk (XL), Turina Farouk. Experience Sharing event hosted by this Perhumas attended by the public relations industry, academia and government. (purel / risca)

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