23 May 2016

Puji “Kejar Aurora” Invited to Spread the Goodness

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Commemorating the National Book Day on May 17, 2016, Telkom University Library (Tel-U) held Open Discussion entitled “Yang Muda Yang Peduli Pendidikan” at the Audio Visual Room Bangkit Building 4th floor Telkom University Library, Jln. Telecommunications No. 1 Bandung on Wednesday (18.05.16). Presented as a speaker, Puji Prabowo (27) the initiator of Kelompok Belajar Aurora (KEJAR AURORA) – Aurora Learning Group, red.

KEJAR AURORA is a place for children in Bandung to develop their imagination and soft skills, which are managed independently. Puji collaborated with his friend and established KEJAR AURORA on 2012 with reckless and goodwill. Starting KEJAR AURORA, this bespectacled man was staying in TPA. He may use the place to indulge as long as the owner does not have an agenda to use it. Puji even have to sell t-shirts and books to run this activity.

According to Puji, the idea to establish this study groups inspired by his friend who died caused by cancer. He witnessed how a very close friend faced difficult times, before he died and was buried. A reality about death then made Puji realized that every human being will die. At that point, Puji then think that when the time comes, he wants to be the person who left a goodness.

“I am not a rich man who could donate a lot of money, or the genius that could lead children to become Olympic champion science. But I have a little knowledge that I want to share with others. So after I discussed with many people, I decided to teach children, “he said.

Puji added, at least there are three important things that run this program such as trust, networking and cultivate the goodness. KEJAR AURORA activity is so inspiring and lead Puji being invited by Annisa Pohan to Cikeas, and meet a number of national figures.

Head of the Scientific Resource and Library Tel-U, Nurul Fitria, deliberately invited Puji in Open Discussion to inspire the citizens of Tel-U. “With all the limitations, we, especially the youth should be able to do many things to make a better life,” he said.

On that occasion, Tel-U Library also donated books from the Asia Foundation to KEJAR AURORA. Nurul wish there were more KEJAR AURORA in Indonesia, so the literacy problem can be solved in Indonesia. (Purel / lib)

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