08 Jun 2016

Putu Nina Madiawati Received Doctorate Degree

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Lecturer of Business Administration, School of Communication and Business Tel-U, Putu Nina Madiawati successfully received doctorate degree in Management at University of Pasundan, Tuesday (31/05). Nina received her doctorate degree with a dissertation entitled “Implementation of Strategic Performance – Based on Market to Satisfy Confidence Students on Higher Education Services in Bandung Raya”.

According to Nina, the target of this research was to find out why people lack of confidence to PTS (Private Colleges). Therefore, studied was confidence students, how PTS can convince the students that PTS is the best.

The selected topic was lifted from the fact about absorption of PTS was lower than PTN (Public Colleges). “I saw based on segmentation. PTS has lot of levels, namely universities, colleges, institutes, polytechnics, and I saw all of it equally. The output is to see how the role of internal PTS to the output, so that the output of PTS can be used in industry,” said Nina in an interview, Monday (6/6).

The output was about the absorption of graduates, then the main respondents in this dissertation was students in PTS.  The researcher also looked at how the internal condition of PTS, from the process to the output which the expected PTS graduates was no longer idle but can be directly absorbed by the industry. “Based on the survey, in the process itself turned out to be weak,” said Nina.

This impact on the student confidence or prospective students to choose the PTS, and it also affects to PTN was more trusted by the industry in the absorption of graduates.

The results from the interview with Indonesia Association of Private Colleges (APTISI) said that there are 3 levels of PTS. The first one is high class PTS, it means that it has been market oriented and able to change curriculum according to the needs of the industries or markets. Second, the mid-level class PTS, it has already market oriented, but internally it doesn’t able yet to make a change. The third one is the lower class, this one is not market oriented but only oriented to the students and benefit. “This third level is the one who ruin the market,” said Nina.

To resolve this, find the strategy based on the problem. “The result is not only a lack of confidence, but in fact the problem was in internal that there still have a gap between the service provider, such as leaders and subordinates. So essentially the understanding of the vision and mission, the goal still not maximum downward, especially in level of lecturers as a wheel or driving,” she said. (purel/nisa)

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