06 May 2016

Received the A Accreditation, Tel-U Library Continue to Improve Services

BANDUNG, Tel-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) continue to improve the quality of education facilities  and library become one of the concerns. As a result, the National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas RI, red) provides an appreciation by issuing the A accreditation for Tel-U library. It is considered based on the quality of services, resources and supported facilities.

According to the Head of Scientific Resources and Library Tel-U Nurul Fitria ST, MM, the components and key indicators of library accreditation are service, collaboration, collection, and organization of library material, human resources, building / space, Infrastructure, budget, library management and the collection maintenance.

“The main point which lead us to receive the A accreditation are the services and the library automation system which ICT-based in accordance with the vision of Tel-U,” said Nurul, Tuesday (3/5).

Nurul added, Tel-U library also included in some institution accreditation program done by Perpusnas RI. “The assessment team included a center accreditation team from the National Library (2 persons) and Bapusipda (1 person),” he said.

“With this accreditation, lest we become complacent, it should be more spirit to improve our quality,” added Nurul. (Purel / AW)

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