02 Sep 2015

Rector Invited Academicians to Work and Seize the Achievement for Nation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Rector of Telkom University (Tel-U) Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M. Eng., Ph. D invited all academicians to fulfill independence with hard work and achievement. “To the entire academic community, I invited to work hard and achievement with their own expertise in accordance with tupoksinya (duties and functions). So that what is aspired together can be realized, “he said.

Rector invitation was delivered to all participants of the commemoration ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia which was held in the Faculty of Informatics yard, Monday morning (17/8). The ceremony followed by a new student, faculty, TPA, to the campus security force (security).

On that occasion, the Rector also conveyed some important points stated in President’s speech. There are related to the strength of Indonesian economy, democracy index, food sovereignty, transport, maritime and electricity.

Presented Rector, the particulars of democracy compared to the year of 2013, our democracy index rose from 63.72 into 73.04 in 2015. We also had young voters who are critical, and eager to escort the course of democracy and governance.

Moreover, in the last 15 years Indonesia also experienced a surge in gross domestic product of around 1,000 trillion rupiah, to about 10 thousand trillion. Indonesia now a force to the 16th world economy. Indonesia today stands on the same level with developed countries in the G-20.

While the issues that still require the completion of which Indonesia does not reach food sovereignty. Various issues such as vulnerable to crop failure triggers and easily buffeted by instability in food prices. The issue of mass transportation in each region have been insufficient and not well integrated.

“Hopefully all the efforts undertaken by the government managed so that we can feel it,” said Ashari. (purel / risca)

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