06 Jun 2016

Roobics Team Tel-U Became 3rd Champion at KRAI

SURABAYA, TEL-U – Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2016 organized by Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) peaked on Saturday (4/6). The competition, which started on June 1 at the Supermall Surabaya Convention Center (SSCC) resulted the champion of the five categories contested. One such champion was Roobics Team from Telkom University which won the 3rd place in the category of Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI).

Black Pearl Eco-robot and Humpback hybrid-robot were the robot that lead Roobics team to win the competition. Two robot were developed by Hendriadi Mukri (Telecommunication Engineering 2013), Andri Dwi Septian (Computer Systems in 2014), Eduardus Antoni Setyawan (Electrical Engineering 2014), Alyani Durrah Fauzan (Electrical Engineering 2014), Khikmah Nur Dwi Nofanti (Electrical Engineering 2013), and Robby Yanuar Setiadi (Electrical Engineering 2014).

On this category, the two teams are required to finish the match within a maximum of three minutes. Each team had to finish the game with crossing trajectories zone and pairing propeller in the last zone. The cooperation between eco-robot and hybrid-robot is needed to complete this mission.

Roobics team performed brilliantly since in the preliminary round. Only, in the semi-final stage Roobics team must be willing to lose by a team from Polytechnic of Jember. This polytechnic team successfully complete the mission faster than the Roobics team.

On the round seizing the 3rd place, the match was exciting between Tel-U and Jember University. Both teams are equally successfully reached the last zone and take the propeller of eco-robot. But both teams are equally unable to successfully complete the mission to install a propeller on a pole in the last zone until the game time runs out. (Purel / EAD)

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