20 Dec 2013

Welcoming Teacher Day, Telkom University Held Seminar under the Theme “Mengajar dengan Hati Bakti Guru Sejati”

BANDUNG TEL-U- Teacher is the light of science. This country will not be shrewd without teacher. Welcoming teacher day falling on 25th of November 2013, Telkom University held National Seminar under the theme “Mengajar Dengan Hati, Bakti Guru Sejati”, Thursday (19/12/2013) at Trans Studio Theatre. This seminar presented a speaker from Head Trainer of Adam Khoo Indonesia, namely,  Antonious Fredick Novianto Suroso. The trainer usually called Ricky persuaded all teachers to teach with heart to be a successful teacher.

  “Students need role model from teachers’ character. So, we as teachers must be able to create the role model,” Ricky said.

  To be a successful teacher, Ricky said that there are two principles that must be owned. First, the ancient is not the same with the future. Surely,  there will be changes; therefore, to achieve a self success, we must be able to follow the changes. Second, believe that there is always a benefit from science disciplines that we have, and there is not failure otherwise experience to achieve success. The successful teachers will create the successful students. Even,  the success of students becomes teachers’ pride.

  The National Seminar of Teacher Day was attended by 300 teachers from SMA/SMK/on an equal. The seminar was free, without taking payment from the participants.  This was one of appreciations from Telkom University to all the teachers upon their roles in educating youth of nation.


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