16 Feb 2017

Seoul Institute Of The Arts South Korea Interested to Learn Batik in Telkom University

Bandung, Telkom University – School of Creative Industries (FIK) Telkom University received visitation from Seoul Institute Of The Arts on Tuesday (02/14/2017), this was a first step to create a partnership on student exchange program between Telkom University and Seoul Institute. This meeting was chaired by the Dean of School of Creative Industries, Dr. Agus Achmad Suhendra who welcomed the arrival of university from south korea.

“Welcome to Telkom University, we are so enthusiastic if in the future we can cooperate with Seoul Institute Of The Arts on learning, especially in the field of design, “said Agus.

The meeting, which was held in the conference room FIK was also attended by lecturers who specialized in design and present some potential program for next cooperation, such as studying batik, typography, know the culture of wayang (puppets, red), and pattern design.

Seoul Institute Of The Arts itself, represented by Prof. Mr. Shin Seung Hoon, Prof. Ms. Juno, and Ms. Lee Hyung Kung were so enthusiastic to know the programs presented by FIK lecturers

Amid the meeting, Prof. Ms. Juno reveals his interest to learn batik “Though in Seoul Institute we also learn batik, but it would be better if we learned it directly from Indonesia so they will acquire better understanding on the meaning of batik motif” said Juno responding to the presentation of FIK Lecturer, Arini Arumsari about batik.

At the end of the show, the three guests from Seoul Institute Of The Arts are invited to walk around to see the facilities and see the works of the students of School of Creative Industries Telkom University “Most of the work so interesting, this is a form of appreciation for students” said Prof. Ms. Juno.

Adnan Abdullah

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