09 Sep 2019

Handover of a position Deputy Rector II Telkom University

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Since joining Telkom University in 2016, Nelson Rikardo Pasaribu, Ir, SE, MM has been given the mandate as Vice-Rector II in Resources, Finance, Logistics and Information Systems at Telkom University.

During 40 months long Nelson has carried some achievement. in his final memorandum, one of the achievements is he brought the name of Telkom University to be ranked 150th in the world as a green campus based on UI Green Metric.

On Friday, September 6, 2019, based on Decree No. 0922/00 / DGS-HC02 / YPT / 2019, the baton of the Vice-Rector II was handed over to Dr. Rina D Pasaribu.

The Handover of Position (Sertijab) Vide Rector II in the fields of resources, finance, logistics and information systems of Telkom University was witnessed directly by Telkom Indonesia Director of Human Capital Management Dr. Edi Witjara at Telkom Corporate University.

In his remarks Edi conveyed his gratitude to Nelson for bringing Telkom University so far.

“Thank you for your dedication (Mr. Nelson) to the advancement of Telkom University there have been many facilities and changes made by Mr. Nelson, thank you for his services, hopefully in the future, Mr. Nelson continues to make the Telkom group proud.

Edi advised, and congratulated Dr. Rina D Pasaribu for the mandate that has been designated as Vice-Rector II Telkom University.

“I leave Tel-U with Mrs. Rina. So far, Tel-U is outstanding, by the presence of Mrs. Rina there can make Tel-u even more beautiful and achieve more achievements than before.” He said.