06 Sep 2016

Sharing Experiences on Study Abroad

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Study abroad is not easy. Different situations in the country can bring mixed reactions also for students from Indonesia. For those who want to successfully achieve his dream in another country, do not hesitate to conquer the challenge of weighing anything.

That’s one thread that can be seen in the sharing session entitled “Achieving Success on Study Abroad” held in Miossu Building, Friday (2/9). Organized by the School of Economics and Business (FEB), the event was attended by lecturers from various faculties at Telkom University (Tel-U).

There are two speakers who had an experience on study abroad. They are Muhammad Reza, Ph.D and Roby Muhamad, Ph.D. Muhammad Reza studied science Power System Technology Delft University in the Netherlands, and also a Business Development Manager for Solvina International Sweden.

While Roby Muhamad, Ph.D is steeped in Big Data Analytics Using Social Media and also S3 graduand of Educator and Entrepreneur Social Networks, Columbia University, USA.

In the event, they were told how to face the challenges and obstacles encountered in the study underwent S3 abroad. Reza, for example, was born of a simple family who since childhood always excel and never face obstacles in completing school. But when the study abroad, he encountered different challenges, thus making it easier to give up.

In contrast to Reza, Roby came from rich family, but when Roby study abroad, he had to survive on its own merits.

This sharing session is expected to be a trigger to establish a group of Tel-U lecturer who continue study, especially abroad, and both speakers will help to become counselors. (Purel / tys / raf)

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