Sport Facilities

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool facilities are here to complement the fitness facilities for all Telkom University Academics. This swimming pool facility is located on the ground floor of the Tokong Nanas Building which is adjacent to the Telkom University dormitory location. The two swimming pools provide separated for male and female students.

kolam renang 1
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Fitness Center

This facility is located in the back of the GSG Building which is adjacent to the Telkom University Business Center and Student Center area. The entire academic community of Telkom University can use this facility to maintain their body fitness. The types of equipment are also quite complete and there are also personal trainers who are ready to help support their exercise program as well.


Sports Field

This sports field facility is located inside the Student Center Building and can be used for badminton, basketball, and volleyball. The size of the field is quite wide and comfortable, so students can freely exercise. Because the location is in the Student Center Building, where many student activities are carried out in this place, the atmosphere that is presented is very conducive, there are also many volleyball, basketball, and badminton matches that are often held in this building.

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Tennis Court

The tennis court facility on the Telkom University campus is one of the leading sports facilities with the outdoor concept with quite large and comfortable field size. The location is adjacent to the Student Center Building, which is very accessible to many students.

tenis 3

Archery Field

Not only physical sports facilities but archery sports facilities are also present at Telkom University. We can hone our focus and concentration on this sport.

Soccer Field

There are soccer field facilities for Telkom University students. These facilities include a futsal court and a large soccer field. For a large soccer field, Telkom University collaborates with Progressive to facilitate its students.

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