04 Apr 2017

Stephen Benton: Enhancing the Team Performance Using Business Psychology

Bandung, Telkom University – Since Telkom University run the School of business, this campus is regularly organize a public lecture on business matter as on Tuesday (4/4) with speakers, Prof. Stephen Benton B.Sc. Ph.D. M.I.O.A. C.Sci. C.Psychol (Director of Business Psychology Center University of Westminster London, UK).

The public lecture held on the 8th floor of Tokong Nanas Building (Auditorium) Telkom University with theme “Volatility, Power and Conflict: Use Business Psychology as an Approach”. This public lecture was attended by at least 30 participants which was consist of master students, bachelor international students and other academic community.

Business psychology, he said is to find out why a team within the company could fail or not be optimal. Stephen asserted that it was due to the individual in the team is incompetent. One individual can not cooperate with other individuals in the team and the face of the complexity of the problem.
According to stephen, the company needs to apply appropriate methods in management. As the focus on performance for a team within the company, not the individual.

“In my opinion, the investment on performance of a team in company is the key to a successfull business / company. No matter how good the CEO owned without a good team performance, the company will remain difficult.”

Stephen reveals that there are three steps that need to be done by every company in increasing the performance of a team. The first is the problem diagnose ability, plan the execution strategy, and an appropriate competence to execute based on the planned strategy.

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