11 Jul 2017

Student of FIK Tel-U Crowned as Miss Favorite at Jakarta Fair 2017

BANDUNG, Telkom University – student from School of Textile and Fashion Craft Creative Industry (KTM FIK) Telkom University Zephaniah Nadine was awarded as Miss Favorite Jakarta Fair 2017 at the Miss Jakarta Fair 2017 in Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Miss Jakarta Fair 2017 which took place since June 13, 2017 followed by about 50 finalists, which then filtered into 20 semifinalists who will show talent in front of the jury, and will be selected 10 finalists to enter the grand final which took place Friday 7 July 2017 on the main stage Jakarta Fair 2017.

The theme “Beyond Indonesia Beauty” according to the theme Nadine understood how to keep the existing potential in him as much as possible can be expelled from developing self-confidence, attitude showed an Indonesian woman who famously hospitable to respond to issues that developed in social media.

“For me to be Miss it must have 3B, the Brain, where as a student of Fashion Design and Creative Industry players I have to make use of science and my potential to inspire, motivate and memuncuklan innovations for the promotion of the Jakarta Fair itself, as well as Indonesia, both Beauty to be an icon must have a good “look” not only beautiful outside but must be beautiful inside too, and the third Behavior is the most important because beautiful and smart if not have a good Behavior, in my opinion will only fail “She said.

Nadine tells goal followed this event is to develop the potential within him as well as add a relation, “besides my resolution this year is to increase achievement and develop itself to become a better person as well as pride parents” she said.

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