28 Sep 2015

Students of Interior Design Tel-U won 2nd position at Kitchen Design Competition Set in Surabaya

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Students of Interior Design (DI) class of 2012 Telkom University Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK Tel-U), Rangga Panji Sangkala, won 2nd Place in Kitchen Set Interior Design Exhibition University of Petra Surabaya.

Rangga named homemade his kitchen set design as Humpty Dumpty. Rangga explain Humpty Dumpty is actually one title of nursery rhymes tells the story about an egg. “Eggs in the song became my inspiration to form a smooth and slippery surface. Then the elements of yellow and white are also applied to the design of the kitchen set, “said Rangga, Thursday (27/8).

The design of Humpty Dumpty made by Rangga was motivated by the tendency of people who want to show off the kitchen to their guests. According to Rangga, in today’s life, kitchen is not related to something antiquity which tend to be closed anymore.

“Humpty Dumpty that I made tend to neat and simple or easy to be cleaned or treated, I also avoid items that hang in the backsplash area (wall between the hanging table with cabinet- red),” he said.

An interesting and representative presentation of design is essential for Rangga. Following design competition needs to consider how to make modeling in a digital form. “The modelling design should be looks like real,” said Rangga.

After this competition, Rangga planned to develop his kitchen set design. Especially, he could get more insight and input were very useful. “Who knows the future, Humpty Dumpty could be mass produced while maintaining the original style,” he said. (purel / EAD)

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