Swastamita 2021: The Baby birds, Family Collaboration Creates Global Works


The School of Creative Industries at Telkom University again held an annual routine event, namely Swastamita 2021 on Saturday, (31/7). This prestigious talk show entitled “Creating Originality in Art and Craft” with an alluring speaker, The Baby birds.

Who exactly are The Baby birds, and why is their discussion interesting to listen to? So The Babybirds is the name of a family consisting of a Father, Mother, and child who collaborate to create interesting works, inspired by his son Rinjani since the age of 4.

At the Swastamita event, Ing (Husband) & Almaviva (Wife) revealed that initially, this was a random fun project between parents and children. Until now, Rinjani’s work has been known even to foreign countries.

“So we emphasize the elements of ‘collaboration’ and ‘fun’ rather than design. We make whatever we want at that time. The ‘only’ design is one of the supporting elements. And because the form is a collaboration, the style that comes out is a combination of my taste/style, my wife, and our children.” said Ing.

The Baby birds are known for their quirky, funny, and soft color combinations. The hallmark of The Babybirds is the original patterns that were drawn directly by Rinjai since the age of 4 years. Because in the beginning, all Rinjani’s motifs and doodles that were made into t-shirts were for Rinjani alone, but because of the many appreciations, they were mass-produced.

“Our design process starts from Sketchbook, usually the three of us doodle as freely as possible there. After that, we can and go into digital conversion in Photoshop. The final stage is to be printed on Fabrics according to the purpose of production.” Said Almaviva.

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