21 Dec 2015

Synergize The Industrial Supplies, FKB Lecturer do Company Visit to Citilink

JAKARTA, TEL-U-Asean Economy Community (AEC) has rolled long, and will start on the late of 2015. The AEC is the unifying basis for ASEAN countries to compete openly, through strengthening the economy and free market.

To contribute to the strengthening of human resources, as well as transforming the science and practice. Faculty of Communication and Business Telkom University (FKB Tel-U) visited the industry (company visit) to the company’s national airline Citilink, a subsidiary which is also active in air transportation, Garuda Indonesia, Thursday (10/12).

The visit which lasted about five hours was chaired by the Vice Dean I FKB Ade Irma Susanty, Ph.D. The delegation was warmly received by Vice President Corporate Communications Citilink Beni Butarbutar, Finance Director (CFO) Citilink Mega Satria and accompanied by FA Management Citilink, Nila. The meeting was held in Citicon Tower 14th floor, Jakarta.

On that occasion, the Vice Dean of Ade Irma Susanty expressed her enthusiasm in performing industrial visits as Tel-U synergy form with the increasingly competitive world of work. “One form of academic contributions we can do for industry is company visit. It’s because that way we can provide the human resources contributive and in accordance with the needs of a dynamic move industry,” he said.

She also expressed gratitude and hope, to be able to establish cooperation between FKB and Citilink in the field of research, internships for students and graduate employment needs for FKB. University research collaboration and this industry may consisted of several forms, including human resources skills improvement by following research activities at the University, or vice versa, the provision of consulting science and technology, or the development of formal and informal networks.

Furthermore, industrial visits to Citilink seeks to synergize the university-industry cooperation, so that the stigma of the ivory tower is no longer attached in the academic world. The FKB carried out regular visits to the various company’s industry. One important goal was to increase the contribution and implementation of the University to the knowledge of corporate communication and economy.

Finance Director (CFO) Citilink Mega Satria on this occasion elaborated on the management of the growing airline. Exposured to cover the challenges of a highly competitive industry in the world. Then followed a sharing session from Beni Butarbutar related his experience leading the Corporate Communications Citlink. Before returning to Bandung, the group had the opportunity to look around the Citilink office work atmosphere. (Purel / FKB / DKS)

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