08 Jan 2016

Teaching Concern:  Lecturer Requested to frequently Access Tel-U Website

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Vice Rector 1 Telkom University, Dr Ir Heroe Wijanto, MT invited Tel-U lecturers to be more active in accessing Tel-U website. It is submitted by Warek at Coordination Meeting Assisted Class  Second Semester, Academic Year 2015/2016, which was attended by hundreds of professors from seven faculties, in the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, on Thursday (7/1).

“A lot of things that should be known by lecturers that has been provided on the website, lectureres and staff able to download it. Besides that, lecturers should be able to access iGracias in order to do results of learning data entry and teaching “he said.

In the activity, which was attended by a number of leaders and hundreds of professors from seven faculties, Warek 1 also presented the expectations of Tel-U is a common concern for the integrity and credibility of academic process. “It does not include the violation of academic honesty, transparency assessment, and concern for the distribution of grades in each class,” he said.

In the future, added Warek, Tel-U would increase the attendance of students and faculty in three ways attendance. The first use of RFID, then connected to iGracias and download students’ list of the class, and then save the spread-sheet entry into iGracias.

At this event Tel-U also invited speakers from ITB namely Dr. Ir Syarif Hidayat. Sharif on this occasion gave his appreciation to the academic system that is being built by Tel-U. “I appreciate new campus such as Tel-U instead of the old campus. I admit Tel-U has exceeded the ITB in academic management “he said. (Purel / AW)

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