04 Jun 2014

Team Freemagination of Telkom University Earned 3rd Place in ISEA Competition

PADANG, TEL – U – One more achievement carved by talented students at Telkom University. Freemagination team successfully gained 3rd place in the competition: Indonesian Student Entreurpreneurship Awards ( ISEA ) at Andalas University , Padang, West Sumatra , on Tuesday and Wednesday (5/13-14 ).
ISEA is a competition for students in all universities in Indonesia who have passion in the field of entrepreneurship . The competition is focused on developing new business ideas that will be creating new jobs .
There are two teams that went to carry the flag of Telkom University , Freemagination team and Kampoeng Jamoer team. Freemaginaton team consisting of M Harley Davidson AK , Dinda Gazella , and Natassya Anza .
Both teams set out into the field after sending a proposal in the field of Technopreneurship. Freemagination thrusting proposals in the field of Technopreneurship with title Credybook (Creative Digital Yearbook ) . They consisted of four students from the Informatics Engineering Department , Faculty of Engineering Informatics ( School of Computing ) , which is, M Harley Davidson AK , Dinda Gazella , and Natassya Anza .
After being selected by the jury , the team qualified for the top 15 , as well as Kampoeng Jamoer team consisting of Utary octavianty , indraka Fadhillah and farid naufal aslam who are students of the Faculty of Economics and Business ( FEB ). So off they went into the field for the presentation along with 15 other teams competing for top 5 positions.
At this stage , Freemagination made it into the top 5 positions , while Kampoeng Jamoer stucked in 8th position . To advance to the finals , the top 5 was given a case study to introduce songket pandai sikek to the global market , which is an original cloth fabric production of Sikek pandai people .
In addition to group discussions , the participants were taken to a village of famous songket artists and the participants were asked to analyze a case of why this songket is not as famous as batik songket . Then the participants were asked to Blind Presentation to the judges and committee .
” Finally Freemagination achieved 3rd position , beating many other participants,” said Anza. “Actually we didn’t expect this team would advance to the final , the point is we try it first if there’s any chance and the results will be considered as bonus.”
With capitalize courage and skill in the field of Engineering. These students dare to raise their skill in the field of engineering and science in the field of Entreurpreneur” Because we love Entreurpreneur, and this could be the capital for yourself for a career in the future” said David . ( Purel / azzah )

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