30 Nov 2015

Tel-U Academic Community Held Istisqo to Ask Rain and Fundraising for Smoke Victims

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Dozens of academicians Telkom University (Tel-U) held prayers for rain or Solat Istisqo and fundraising care smog Sumatra and Kalimantan. Prayers held on the football field in front of the Information Center (IC), Sunday (1/11) morning.

As is known, catastrophic forest fires in most forests of Sumatra, Borneo, Java, to Papua has claimed. Thousands of people exposed to smoke pollution even some of them, especially the children are not a few who died.

According to Imam at once Khotib Istisqo prayers, Dr Engkos Kosasih, Lc M.Ag, drought and smoke can be interpreted as a test of the Creator. “There are four types of tests that can be understood in this context,” he said.

First, the test to warn the wicked sinner. “The rain may not go down because of it. We are already sick of seeing disobedience that occurred in this country, “he said.

Secondly, according to Engkos, exams to raise the degree of the Muslims as a way to remove sins. While the third and fourth test is to prepare Muslims before the major events that will happen is the Day of Judgment and the form of the love of God to His servants.

Chairman of the Department of Tafsir Hadith Islamic State University Bandung Gunung Jati’s hoping the test drought and drought that are currently perceived by the majority of Indonesian people not because of anger against the cruel nature of human actions on nature.

“So the rain was complaining because he saw human activities that have no ethics in treating this universe, then rain complained to God that he does not need to wet down the earth,” he said.

Egkos invite the entire academic community, especially the Muslims to pray that God sends rain soon lovingly blessed. “Not the rain filled with anger,” he said. (purel / raf)

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