04 Jun 2014

Tel-U aims for 60 Professors in 2017

BANDUNG, TEL-U. To accomplish target as World Class University in 2017, Telkom University conditioning an adequate quota for professor as lecturer in Telkom University. In order to reach the state of World Class University, Telkom Univeristy is expected to produce no less than 60 professor. “Currently, the number of lecturers we have is 600 lecturers, and we expecting 10% from those number become professor by 2017.” Said the Rector of Telkom University Ir Mochamad Ashari M.Eng when he gave provisioning to 36 new lecturers, Wed (5/14).
This achievement, according to Rector, would not be an easy one. Moreover, among the new lecturers are a fresh young lecturer who have less experience in Tel-U. But Rector feels optimist, toil makes accomplishment of professor quota realizable. “Lecturer is a noble profession, espicially for us who conduct it sincerely. I’m optimist all of this can be achieved,” he said. Participants of provisioning are lecturers who participated in Basic Orientation Program or it is known as Bintal (Bimbingan Mental) at Dodik Bela Negara Rindam III Siliwangi Lembang, West Bandung, last may. Some of lecturers has already lectured since 1-8 years ago. The others just recently passed the test of lecturer recruitment last year. Meanwhile, Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT) and Yayasan Pendidikan Sandhykara Putra (YSPT) reminded the lecturers to keep improving Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi, especially in research sector. “If lecturer don’t do research, what difference will it makes between college lecturer and high school lecturer?” he said. In order to supprot accomplishment of vision as World Class University, his party gives a support by open an access for research and education. “We will keep adding building and other supproting facilities so the process of knowledge transfer can be done well.” He said. Beside explanation from Rector of Tel-U and Head of YPT-YSPT, the lecturers are also given a provisioning by Vice of Rector I-IV. The lecturers are also given a certification of gradution markings in Basic Orientation Program that submitted by Head of YPT to 4 representatives of the lecturers.(purel/raf) 

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