Tel-U as the First Campus with Digital Forensic & Cyber Security Master’s Degree Study Program

s2 Digital Forensic Cyber Security

Bandung, Telkom University – Tel-U officially opened the Digital Forensic & Cyber ??Security Masters Study Program and became the first and only campus in Indonesia to have this study program.

It is believed that the opportunity to get a job for graduates of this study program is still wide enough because the Digital Forensic & Cyber ??Security study program is still exceptional at this time.

The main purpose of establishing the study program is due to the current rapid pace of development of digitalization so that the security system in this sector also needs to be improved. Both in terms of infrastructure and human resources. The rise of cases of data leakage in a company can harm many parties, so Digital forensics & Cyber ??Security will be needed in the future.

As stated by the Lecturer of the Digital Forensic & Cyber ??Security Master’s Program Tel-U, Dr. Farah Afianti, S.T., M.T., “Following the vision and mission of this study program (Forensics and Cyber ??Security), we strive to produce professionals in specific fields such as digital forensics and cybersecurity. To balance the current digital era, so that printed human resources can face problems in that field (digital) such as cybercrime that is rife today.” said Farah.

For information, prospective students who are interested in working in the field of digital forensics and data security, later on, students will be guided directly by competent lectures in their respective fields.

The profiles of graduates that are expected after receiving education in this study program include Forensic Examiner, Computer Forensic Analyst, Security Designer (Security Architect), Security Risk Analysis and Management, Network Security Analyst, and academics.

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