30 Nov 2015

Tel-U Choir “Back to Back” Retained The Glory

BANDUNG, TEL-U –Medley song of Independence Hymn, Telkom University Hymn, Regional Sunda Song hihid Aing and Tokecang, lead Telkom University Choir (Tel-U Choir) won the second place at choir competition conducted by Coordinator of Private Universities (Kopertis ) IV West Java, which took place at the Training Office of Kopertis Region IV West Java, Jatinangor, Sumedang, on 19 to 21 November 2015.

This Choir competition which is organized by the Coordinator of Private Universities (Kopertis) IV West Java is an annual competition and followed by all private universities (PTS) in West Java. At this race Telkom University “Back to Back” retained the title Champion 2, the same as last year.

“There is no audition for team selection. It was directly appointed by the coach yesterday because we just had another contest on September 2015 in Semarang. Team member’s maximum 20 persons, so I personally very grateful and honored joined this team. Moreover,on the last year (2014), Kopertis team achieved the scholarships,” said Audria, a member of Kopertis Tel-U Choir.

Before this contest, the 10 PTS have to go through several stages of selection to join the race in each rayon level. The ten participants was the one and second winner from five rayon in Kopertis IV West Java.

“We had a few time of exercise compare it with previous competitions, because there wasInternal Concert class of 2015 on last 14 November, so we should be able to break the time. Thank God also, we can divide the time and get satisfactory results in both events,” said Audria.

In this annual event, there are several aspects of the assessment indicators. Among these include dynamic harmony, blending, articulation, phrasing, choreography, stage performances and costumes. In addition, the judges also notice tothe choir sound. “So there should be no voice is more dominant,” he said.

The final results achieved by Maranatha Christian University as 1st winner and Telkom University as the 2nd.Thefirst champion of West Java become the representative at national level, which is held in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. “We do not want to quickly settle, hopefully more and excel again in the future, both nationally and internationally,” said Alvin Team members of Kopertis Tel-U Choir. (purel / izal)

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