15 Oct 2015

Tel-U Choir Won Two Awards at SDGNCF 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – A total of 35 students of Telkom University joined in Tel-U Choir made achievements in the field of choir. Exceedingly, two categories managed by Tel-U Choir in Satya Dharma Gita National Choir Festival (SDGNCF) in 2015 organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Diponegoro.

SDFNCF is a national choir competition which runs from 17 to 20 September 2015. This time the Tel-U Choir won the Gold Medal B in Adult Choir Category and Silver Medal in Adult Women Choir Category.

According to Indra Kharisma, a member of the Tel-U Choir, there are some aspects of the assessment indicators. Among these are the interpretation of the song, intonation, accuracy of notes, and techniques displayed. In addition, participants also have to bring three songs, one of which is an anthem.

Indra explained, Tel-U Choir team practicing in just one month compared with the other choir practicing up to five months. “We sacrifice a month of vacation only to practice from morning till night,” he said.

Although the practice is fairly short, as a result of two medals were achieved by teams Tel-U Choir. Even it was first time participate for Women Choir Tel-U in the competition can win first place and get a Silver medal A.

Indra hopes that the achievement from Tel-U Choir can be sustainable. “Hopefully, Tel-U Choir will continue to add more achievements in the future and could be known by the public,” he said. (purel / ead).

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