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12 Nov 2021

Tel-U Coffee as a Place for Alumni Gathering of Telkom University

HUT Tel-U CoffeeBANDUNG, Telkom University – On Tuesday, 9 November 2021, Telkom University celebrated the second anniversary of Tel-U Coffee through the Directorate of Career Development, Alumni, and Endowment (CAE). The series of events was held from October 2021 until the event’s peak on 9 November 2021.

With the theme “Continue to Spread Benefits and Inspiration,” at the peak of the event online via Zoom, Telkom University alumni spread over 30 countries were also present to enliven this event. At this event, there was the launch of the book Tel-U Coffee and the book FAST Ramadhan Sharing 2021, the launch of the Alumni Be Coach program, socialization of the FAST Presidential election, Campaign and acceptance of Endowment Fund donations, and also attended as speaker Ahmad Fuadi (Novelist, Social Entrepreneur, and author). Land of 5 Towers).

Tel-U coffee itself was founded on the initiative to collect endowment funds (Endowment Fund) managed directly by the CAE directorate of Telkom University. The Endowment Fund is an endowment fund or waqf that is collected, invested, and managed continuously with full responsibility from several people. Individual donors and companies to ensure the existence, sustainability, achievements, and reputation of Telkom University in the long term. The number of Endowment Funds from year to year must not decrease and must continue to increase.

According to the Director of CAE, AT Hanuranto, Endowment Fund will be used to advance the Telkom University campus in the future. It is utilized for Tel-U student scholarships, the development of campus facilities and infrastructure, improvement of research quality, and expansion of cooperation in Education.

“Tel-U Coffee is present as the “Engine” of the Telkom University endowment. Tel-U Coffee has the tagline a cup of endowment, where Tel-U Coffee will continue to strive to support the sustainable growth of Telkom University in the future, through endowment funds.” Obviously.

The presence of Tel-U Coffee at Telkom University is also a gathering place for alumni and the entire academic community. AT said that one of the Tel-U Coffee Anniversary series was the “Alumni Back to Campus” program.

“For two days yesterday, 6 and 7 November 2021, alumni were here to stay in touch and reminisce together on the Telkom University campus, as well as plant trees to continue to green the Telkom University campus,” he said.

On this occasion, Telkom University has received a donation for the Endowment Fund from PT Infomedia Nusantara for 50 million rupiahs and a donation from the Telkom Education Foundation of one billion rupiahs.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. Adiwijaya congratulated Tel-U Coffee for celebrating its second anniversary. Prof. Adiwijaya conveyed the reason behind Tel-U Coffee; he saw Indonesia as the fourth largest coffee-producing country globally and the second-largest exporter in the world.

“Through Tel-U Coffee, I hope that Telkom University can contribute to coffee farmers, especially those in South Bandung because Tel-U Coffee comes from that area.”

The Rector of Telkom University also expressed his gratitude to the industry and alumni who have helped Telkom University through endowment funds. This fund is entirely for the academic community and the environment around the Telkom University campus.

“Through this endowment, many communities and academics will be helped, hopefully through this endowment, Telkom University can continue to provide the best for the community.”

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