18 Dec 2013

Tel-U and Dikti socialize PKM Robotics, Rocket and IT

BANDUNG TEL-U- Research and Community Service Directorate of Ditjen Dikti cooperates with Telkom University to hold socialization of “Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM)” about Robotics, Rocket and IT on Tuesday (17/12/2013). It was held in auditorium on the fourth floor at Building A, Telkom Economic and Business Faculty. This socialization was presented by Dr. Ir. Wahidin Wahab, M.Sc.

  “PKM program aims to improve students’ creativity at high school in implementing science and technology into real world. Not only that, PKM also aims to increase students’ awareness in developing technology and civilize competition atmosphere in high school environment,” Wahidin stated.

  The Indonesian Robotic contest was consisted of several categories: Robot ABU Indonesia (KRAI),  Fire-Extinguishing Robot (wheel or feet), Dancing Robot, and Football Robot.  Meanwhile, for rocket contest, the students could participate in Kompetisi Muatan Rocket Indonesia (Komurindo).

  To all students, Wahidin announced several things that should be considered by them: first, all their proposals must be signed by their campus; and second, they do not ever change their mobile numbers. The both were aimed to smooth proposal selection process and make the committee easy to contact them.

  “To all the participants, please pay attention to all the important dates of competition steps in order to be able to prepare well,” He ended.- KOMPRO TEL-U/ Risca

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