12 Aug 2016

Tel-U Graduand Must be Ready to Answer Alteration

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Rector of Telkom University Prof Ir Mochamad Ashari, M Eng, PhD reminded all graduates to be prepared for transformation in the middle of this digitalized era. It was conveyed by Rector in front of thousands of graduates who accompanied their parents on the Open Session Senate in order Graduation of Master, Undergraduate, and Associate Expert Period III Academic Year 2015/2016 as well as 3rd Anniversary Telkom University which held in Telkom University Convention Hall, Friday-Saturday (12-13 August 2016).

“Maybe we never imagined how the giant companies collapsed. Some are teetering strategize while hoping to still be standing. Like tsunami waves, technological developments wipe out the players who are not ready for transformation,” said Rector.

Rector continued, before some of us never imagined various transport companies threatened by the existence of an emerging business applications provider of transportation connecting passengers with the driver and vehicle rental service lift. Similarly to what happened in most of the media company.

“Now they immediately switched or complementary with the media in the network (online) after seeing their colleagues wiped out by the advent of social media that offers speed, ease of accessibility and distribution of content is very broad to the hands of the owner of the digital account. Along with that, we had no idea how powerful the social and economic impacts that subsequently emerged as a result of this development, “he said.

Rector pointed out, the last days of this apparent phenomenon of the users of smart phones, which plays an application “Pokemon Go” from the big cities to the regions which had not yet imagined would suffer a “fever” of the same. Pros and cons popped out that was a natural reaction, said Rector.

“But one thing is important for us to note that technological development has changed the face of the world so quickly. The option is, we also change or decide to be undermined by the tsunami changes,” he said.

Therefore, the Rector reminded, after the lecture from Tel-U, the graduates should continue to prepare for the advancement of technology. “Because the consequences arising from the rapid development of technology, particularly information and communication technology, are changes so drastic and would be very surprising,” he said.

Graduation Period III Academic Year 2015/2016 had confirmed 1,267 people graduated from the Master, Undergraduate, and Associate Expert, who was graduate from 25 study programs, among 29 study programs in seven faculties at Telkom University. Until the expiration of the graduation registration July 22, 2016, not less than 100 people (8%) graduates this period stated had been working and 1,167 people (92%) of graduates ready to look for a variety of employment and business opportunities. (Purel/raf)

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