17 Oct 2013

Tel-U as the General Winner of Telkom University Championship

BANDUNG TEL-U- Telkom University (Tel-U) clutched the general winner of Telkom University Championship 2013 by collecting 7 gold medals, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes. The championship was followed by several provinces such as Jakarta, West Java, East Java and Madura.

  “In my opinion, they are great participants. Commonly, they are from Taekwondo Clubs at college and public such as from Bogor, Subang, Cirebon, and so on. While, for college, they are from UNPAD, Gunadarma, Binus and onthers. Alhamdulillah, because of hard training, we can clutch general winner,” said Girindra Chandra, chief of UKM Taekwondo (Tel-U). He hoped that the next match, Taekwondo of Tel-U can defend its achievement.

  Formally, on Thursday (17/10/2013), Girindra, Taekwondo of Tel-U team,  and Kurniawan Efendi, the supervisor of Taekwondo handed over the trophy to Rector of Telkom University, Prof.Ir.  Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng.,Ph.D.

  Ashari stated his pride to the team for their achievement. He also thanked to the committee of Telkom University Championship for their hard works in holding the match successfully.

  The match was held in Telkom University Convention Hall in Bandung during 2 days since Friday to Saturday  (11 – 12 Oktober 2013). Vice Rector IV, Dr. Muhammad Yahya Arwiyah, SH.,MH opened the agenda in the first day of the match, and the categories of the match were Kyorugi (fighting) dan Poomsae (movements).  Here are the following results of National Telkom University Championship:

  General Winner: Tel-U A

  Poomsae Category

    1. Poomsae 3 : Tim Tel – U C

    1. Poomsae 2 : Tim Tel – U B

    1. Poomsae 1 : Tim Tel – U A

  Kyorugi Cadet Category

    1. Kyorugi Cadet 3 : Mayang Club B Team

    1. Kyorugi Cadet 2 : Tstc Team

    1. Kyorugi Cadet 1 : Paskal A Team

  Junior Kyorugi Category

    1. Kyorugi Junior 3 : Tomy Club Team

    1. Kyorugi Junior 2 : Cimahi Cyber Team

    1. Kyorugi Junior 1 : MtcSoreang Team

  Senior Kyorugi Category

    1. Kyorugi Senior 3: Tel-U A Team

    1. Kyorugi Senior 2: Upi A Team

    1. Kyorugi Senior 1: Kab. Bogor A Team


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