03 Jun 2015

Tel-U Lecturer Paint 30-meter Long Mural at Zipur Headquarters

BANDUNG, TEL-U – There are many ways to serve the community, art can be one of amusing way. This idea done by three lecturers from Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University (Tel-U). They performed community service by making a 30-meter long mural paintings inside the headquarters of C Engineer Combat Battalion (Zipur) III / YW Baleendah.

“It’s our approach to serve community service, which is part of Tri Dharma College. We continue to encourage students and faculty to perform community service as an approach of dedication to the nation, “said Vice Chancellor IV Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah, SH., MH in the inauguration speech murals, Saturday (17/1).

Besides Warek IV, attended the event, among others, Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries (FIK), Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT, Director of Student Affairs, SE Hendratno Akt, MM, commander of Headquarters C Engineer Combat Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel CZI. Cahyadi Amperawan, S.Ip., student affairs staff, as well as the Combat Battalion soldiers.

According to the commander Headquarters of C Engineer Combat Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel CZI. Cahyadi Amperawan, S. Ip, this painting reflects the Army nine functions namely Construction, Destruction, Engineering Research, Disguise Technique, Hurdle, crossing the river, Supplies of water and electricity, taming explosives (jihandak), as well as nuclear, biological and chemical materials ( Nubika).

Cahyadi expected that the community service which is organized by the lecturer Tel-U would not stop at this mural painting. “We are very open to Tel-U to provide another community service in our neighborhood again. We hope that this good relations would be last longer, “he said. (Purel / raf)

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