15 Feb 2016

Tel-U Lecturer Painted Mural at Istiqamah Junior High School Bandung

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Implementation of the art works can be done in various ways, among others by community service program. Therefore, three lecturers from Intermedia Arts Program Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University performed community service (abdimas) by making a 30-meter long mural paintings at Istiqamah Junior High School Bandung.

“Lecturers are required to conduct community service in accordance with their competence. It’s because conducted by Intermedia Arts, this community service is to paint a mural, “said Dean Faculty of Creative Industries, Dr Ir Agus Achmad Suhendra, MT in the opening ceremony speech, on Saturday (6/2).

There were three lecturers of Intermedia Arts Study Program FIK Tel-U who join this community service program such as Didit Endriawan, S Sn, Sn M, Donny Trihanondo, S Ds, Ds M, and Tri Haryotedjo, S Sn, Sn M.

Didit, as chairman of this event said, although their team only three members, on the process they received help from others which collaborate in completing the mural. “We also invite FIK lecturers, students, and academic society of Istiqamah Junior High School to participate and join completing the mural,” he said.

This community service began on November 2015 with theme Build Learning Excitement. Then, that big theme was divided into several sub-themes such as sport, cleanliness, spiritual, and fine art.

Didit expected that this mural can provide benefits for academic society of Istiqamah Junior High School. “Hopefully, the message contained on this mural can be absorbed consciously or unconsciously by any person who saw it,” he said.

Abdimas activity was getting a good appreciation from Istiqamah Junior High School. The Principal, Tendi Kusmawan, M Pd said that this activity was one form of education for students to recognize art in a complete package. “This mural contains the messages transmitted from the side of character building,” he said. (Purel / EAD)

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