30 Nov 2015

Tel-U Lecturer Participate at BAA Event 2015

BANDUNG, telu – Lecturer of Arts Intermedia Faculty of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U), Jabbar Muhammad managed to expand their creativity by following the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BaCAA) in 2015 where his work was exhibited in Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung, on September 25 to October 23 2015.
Conferment of art aims to stimulate the development of contemporary art in Indonesia and seeks to increase the participation of the winner of the grace of the art in the International art scene.
Starting from the interview process with unknown subjects (model), the photograph, and the execution of the work sprang period “Eve Project” undertaken since the 2015’s.
“In this work I am doing a lot of interpersonal communication with some strangers (women), making them models. What is interesting for me is actually not about how to execute the ideas into physical works, instead of the interview process and the resulting interaction into forms of tension and enjoyment in the process of creating the work, “he said.
Her work “Eve Project” Series vol. 2.1, born of anxiety Jabbar on the definition persona as an artist in the social space of art as well as individuals in the actual reality.
Naming Eve obtained after undergoing a process of interaction and find similarities with what is d describe Carl Jung’s theory of the Animus. The images themselves (men) are reflected in the perception of the opposite sex (women). Phase ‘Eve’ means images are perceived on the surface or what is visible to the human eye. “The Eve Project Series vol. 2.1, I redefined images of themselves in the process of interaction with the other person (a woman), “he said.
According to Jabbar, in the manufacturing process there are no obstacles. “My work shape drawing, using the medium of gouache on paper. For technical developments can be said to be self-learning, because in fact when I was in college at the ITB, the technical problems just a little taught, “he said.
Jabbar attainment cannot be separated from information about non-formal technical basis, whether it be from a senior, peers or other sources of information such as the internet. Jabbar explained that many things that motivate him in the work.
“Mainly my immediate environment, namely a group of colleagues who also live art. I can much confidence to continue living from their work. Others, of course the development of art that shorter acceleration distance. Young artists are now many advanced-advanced. I am more motivated by their development, “he said. (purel / Nisa).

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