21 Dec 2015

Tel-U Library Developed The School Library in Remote Area

GARUT, TEL-U – Scientific Resource and Library Unit Telkom University (Tel-U) in collaboration with Cakarawala Baca (CB) – Horizon Read donated books and stationery to SDN Sukalaksana 2 in Neglasari, Sukalaksana District of Talegong Garut, on Thursday ( 17/12). SDN Sukalaksana 2 was one of the “Spetronage Elementary School” Cakrawala Baca and Scientific Resource and Library Unit Tel-U in “Open Education” program.

SDN Sukalaksana 2 was a school with little access to reading materials. The cause was the location of the school at the down cliff with access roads were severely damaged. In addition to the contours of the land is hilly, the roads in the village are also dominated by steep cobbled streets are very dangerous.

A total of 108 students and nine teachers at SDN Sukalaksana 2 used to walk up to two hours, or using motorcycles to reach the school’s location, every day. “So, not only the access to newspapers or magazines, but also the access to market just difficult because it is far away from this village,” said Taufik Nur Alam (33), one of the honorary teacher SDN Sukalaksana 2.

Under these conditions, this knowledge sharing through a book donation was greeted enthusiastically by local residents. According to Taufik, since the aid donation of Cakrawala Baca books and Scientific Resource and Library Unit Tel-U, children begin to recognize the reading books and spending time in the school’s “mini-library”.

“There used to be a child who already on the third grade but have not been able to read. Nowadays alhamdulillah with the books, greatly assisted me as a teacher. At least the children interested for opening the book and see the pictures first, “said Taufik.

SDN Sukalaksana 2 mini library currently has 1,500 book collection. However, the collection was almost 3 years suspended, due to the lack of donors.

Head of Scientific Resource and Library Unit Tel-U, Nurul Fitria, said Telkom University library has formed a partnership with Cakrawala Baca to help build libraries of schools in remote areas of West Java in “Open Education” program since 2014.

Tel-U Library helped build community and school libraries, by providing grant aid of books, or share knowledge in other forms. So far, there are five schools that became the target of Cakrawala Baca and Tel-U Library are SDN 2 Sukalaksana Garut, Tasikmalaya District Kahuripan SDN, SDN Bunimekar Cianjur, Bandung regency Buninagara SDN and SDN Gulemeng Sukabumi.

“Our library carries the concept of” Open Library “, one of which means we must be open to share knowledge with the rest of the community in need. Through “Open Education” like this we want to open up access to knowledge for children in remote area, “he said. (Purel / lib)

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