Tel-U Rector as Best University Leaders in Obsession Awards 2021

Rektor Telkom University Best University LeadersJAKARTA, Telkom University – Obsession Media Group (OMG) once again gave awards to figures and companies who have dedicated their work to advancing the nation and state. On the night of the 2021 Obsession Awards, which took place on Friday (17/12), the Chancellor of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, won an award for Best University Leaders 2021.

The Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Johnny Gerard Plate, also presents this event. He appreciates those who dedicated their work to the nation and state in the hope of providing motivation and inspiration to the broader community.

“Thank you for the contributions and innovations from all parties who have helped the government fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the available data, it is currently in a sloping position, and I congratulate the award winners who have made achievements amid the pandemic. Covid 19,” he said.

Citing media broadcasts issued by OMG, this award was given in addition to commemorating OMG’s 17th anniversary and giving appreciation to achievers who made significant contributions and made substantial efforts to break the chain of the Covid19 pandemic.

Rector of Telkom University Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude for the award. “Thank you for the award given. It is not a personal achievement but for the full support of the entire academic community of Telkom University and Telkom University alumni. Hopefully, this is an encouragement for all of us to continue contributing and giving the best for the Indonesian nation so that it leads to blessings.” said Prof. Adiwijaya.

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