17 Dec 2015

Tel-U Shared Knowledge through LAC Charity 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Sharing knowledge can be applied in various ways. One was conducted by Telkom University Language Center to provide a basic level of English language training to 35 participants from various institutions in villages around Bandung Technoplex (Telkom University campus) couple days ago.

Activity entitled “Language Center (LAC) Charity 2015” was attended by a number of residents and employees who work in the District of Dayeuhkolot, Cangkuang Kulon, Cangkuang Wetan, Citeureup Wetan Village, Citeureup, Dayeuhkolot, Pasawahan, Danramil , Police Chief Office, UPTD Department of Education preschool and elementary school, as well as the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

They received some materials such as greeting, self-introduction, job description, telephoning (offering help), giving direction, and describing events. The training was also complemented by pre-test and post-test to determine before-after English ability development of participants.

According to Committee Chairman of LAC Charity 2015, Lilies Soenaryati, this activity was an annual event Telkom University Language Center. The goal was to help local communities to improve their basic-level English language properly and correctly, both orally and writing.

“In addition, we also want to strengthen the kinship with the surrounding community, while introduce Telkom University Language Center, as well as contribute actively in facilitating and providing access to education as a form of community service,” he said.

Vice Rector III Tel-U AMA. Suyanto, Ir., MBA., DBA, said the activities of Telkom University Language Center was adapted to the needs of the surrounding community. According to him, the Asian Economic Community (AEC) in 2016, demanding everyone, especially public servants, to master English well. “So they can improve with better services,” he said.

Besides this program, there are still other community service provided by Tel-U, such as scholarships for children around the campus. “In the future, we hope professor of Telkom University come from local people around Bandung Technoplex,” he said. (purel / LAC / lia)

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