22 Sep 2016

Tel-U Staff Enthusiastic Join the Fun Walk around Tel-U Area

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Hundreds of Telkom University Staff (Tel-U) ranging from Academic Support Personnel (TPA) to lecturer had gathered in front of Bangkit Building (Learning Center), Thursday (22/9) from 06.00 pm. They seemed enthusiastic about fun walk that was held in a series of Tel-U 3rd Anniversary event.

This Fun Walk opened by Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M. Eng, Ph.D, with a white flag rise as a signed of the commencement of this event. The participants then took the route as far as 5 kilometers around Telkom University campus.

Route started from Bangkit Building Tel-U toward Sukapura, then turned toward Mengger, followed by walked the paddy fields to get in the way of radio, and then entered through the south gate Tel-U to reach the finish in the front School of Creative Industry (FIK).

The event then continued with the announcement and awarding prizes to the champions of Fun Sport already competed in six sports. There are volleyball, indoor soccer, table tennis, tennis, badminton and gymnastics. Not only that, a wide variety of door prizes ranging from irons to motorcycles prepared by the committee for the lucky  staff of Telkom University.

Chief Executive of 3rd Anniversary Telkom University, Dr. Ir. Dida Dyah Damayanti, M.Eng said the fun walk was a culmination of Fun Sport organized by the Human Resources Department Telkom University. “Congratulations to all the winners and thanks also to the committee which has been successfully organizing this event,” said Dida.

In line with Dida, Ashari also congratulated the winners who have managed to win the competition. “Congratulations to the winners and also to the staff who will received the prize,” he said.

Fun Walk activity ended with the distribution top prize of a motorcycle. This time, the lucky one who grabbed the bike home was the Chairman of Visual Communication Design Program, Dicky Hidayat. (Purel / ead)

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