17 Feb 2016

Tel-U Strengthen Research Cooperation with UI

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Lead to World Class University stage, Telkom University (Tel-U) continue to strengthen all sectors, among others academic and research. Related to this, a team of researchers from the Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB) conducted hearing to the Center for Election and Political Party University of Indonesia (CEPP UI), Saturday (23/1).

Hearing was held in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia. This hearing discussed and made agreement about collaborative research partnership (joint research) between the two sides. Research partnerships were multidisciplinary study on communication, technology and politics associated with democratic life in Indonesia.

Dr. Yahya Arwiyah as Chief of Researcher, who also the Vice Rector for Research and Student Affairs Tel-U said, technology development dye the political and communication practices in Indonesia even embellished the life of democracy in Indonesia. The technology raises new media not only offers a public space that is alive and vibrant but also provide space to engage implicatively.

This, he added, encouraging a good democracy and effective communication in the frame of governance through the Cognitive Electronic Democracy (e-Cognocracy) practices, “Effective communication can occur if government able to attract the citizen participant. e-Cognocracy emphasize and very appreciative to the citizens participants in policy-making, “he said.

On this occasion Reni Soewarso, Ph.D, Director of Center for Election and Political Party University of Indonesia (CEPP UI) expressed the interest on multidisciplinary studies related to communication, technology and politics. “The study of technology and politics is interesting and will become substantial matter in the future. For example, campaign through Internet technology. The state program will communicate through online media and social media. “

In addition to discuss the prospects of cooperation in the field of research and academic institutions, the hearing was also fulfilled with the signing of a collaborative research that has been previously established between Telkom University and the Center for Election and Political Party University of Indonesia (CEPP UI). This research also attended by team partner consist of Dr. Yahya Arwiyah (Chairman Research of Telkom University ), Kharisma Nasionalita, Catur Nugroho, Sylvie Nurfebiaraning, Rana Akbari Fitriawan, Ruth Mei Ulina Malau, Dedi Kurnia Syah Putra and Sekar Arum Mandalia. (Purel / FKB)

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