21 Jun 2021

Tel-U Student Becomes Indonesian Representative at ART-I-CULATE

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University as the Best Private Universities in Indonesia continues to create outstanding young people at national and international levels. One of the Telkom University students succeeded in becoming a representative of Indonesia at the International ART-I-CULATE 2021.

ART-I-CULATE is a digital experience program for aspiring young artists. The program aims to spread cultural understanding and art-centered digital innovation between ASEAN and the UK. This event was attended by young artists aged 14 – 21 years from the UK and 5 ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. After going through the selection process, 30 people were selected to participate in this event.

Neng Lina Lestari, a student of the Interior Design S1 study program, School of Creative Industries, Telkom University, succeeded in becoming Indonesia’s representative at the event. Neng Lina explained that ART-I-CULATE 2021 is a cross-cultural/country artist exchange event that presents world-class artists as mentors.

“We were mentored by several reliable mentors including Michael Yee Fuh Wen, Janique Charles, Emma Winterschladen, Micah Hilotin, Michelle C., Kristin Dwek, Dr. Asma Abdullah, and many more. We were paired with other partners from different countries, the content of the discussion was a discussion of art and culture,” he said.

At the event, each participant participates in cross-cultural creative collaborations and forms long-term friendships and mentoring opportunities in developing portfolios and meeting inspiring world-class artists. Participants will be given access to a high-quality digital series of masterclasses on arts and cultural dialogue for three months to enhance their portfolios. This event is held online through the ZOOM Meeting platform.

“The materials presented by the mentors were related to Colors of the Future, Creating Dialogues through Art, Deep Diving into the Shared & Unique Creative Identity, Creative Collaboration and Cultural Diversity Exploration and Final Exhibition. This activity lasted for approximately 3 months. During those 3 months, there were full mentoring activities and discussions according to topics, in the end of each topic we made a work of art.”

At the end of the program, the artwork will be displayed in a digital art exhibition that is accessible to a wide audience globally. Artwork will also be published through e-books, featuring the participants’ increased artistic and technological knowledge, collaborative synergies, and transformative cultural understanding of Southeast Asian and British arts and culture.

At the Final Exhibition, Neng Lina presented a masterpiece entitled ‘Woman Today’ which was inspired by current social issues. Even though amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, many roles take a lot of risks, not only based on gender, but also for several professions.

“During this pandemic, everyone is required to be smart in making decisions and considering them. One that I think is unique in terms of judgment and decision is women.”

Neng Lina said that in addition to beautifying themselves, women now have to pay attention to environmental health factors by using masks, where makeup is no longer the main factor in women’s appearance. Women today need a lot of consideration and awareness, so that they don’t just love their appearance, but the people around them.

Neng Lina also added that through this event, many benefits were obtained, one of which was relationships with world-class artists from various countries. Neng Lina hopes that through this event the artists out there can support each other’s works of art and culture from various countries.

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