29 Apr 2015

Tel-U Student Work Selected As 105 Best Work in National Gallery Exhibition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U- Art is an expression of personal feelings which is implemented into the creation contains elements of beauty, and affected others feeling. An immense creativity is needed to produce the best artwork. As 2 students from Faculty of Creative Industries, Andrianto Suryagani Effendi with the title of work “The Camouflage, and When Satisfaction is A Priority” talking about Capitalist Culture Phenomena seen around us and Mohammad Fathul ihsan with the title of work “Holy War”. This two outstanding students successfully to get into the 105 Best Work National Gallery Exhibition 2015 in Jakarta.

This event is a realization the functions of National Gallery Indonesia in terms of carrying out the exhibition and education services in the field of fine arts. “Indonesian Students Work Art Exhibition 2015: Nalar | Sensasi | Seni ” along with the show starts from 09 to 23 April 2015 at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Before chosen, this two students from Faculty of Creative Industries Tel-U passed the selection process conducted by a team of curators from the National Gallery of Indonesia, filtered as much as 105 participants with 105 works, from 1000 the previous entry work from 27 universities in 10 provinces in Indonesia.

According Suwarno Wisetrotomo, Smara Dewi Citra, and Rizki A. Zaelani, and Bayu Genia Krishbie as assistant curator, the reason behind choosing of Nalar | Sensasi | Seni as theme is to give space to the expression of the students who have an interest and potential in the field of visual arts by providing opportunities to demonstrate the quality (ideas, reasoning, visual) which includes the creative process, the formulation of reason, building art, manage sensation, and articulate (communicate) his artwork. (Purel / Sarah)

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