25 Nov 2015

Tel-U Students Become Indonesian delegation at IEEE Conference in USA

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) Students into the Indonesian delegation at IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting Students Competition and Conference in America. The Conference will took place on October 15 to 24 October at the InterContinental Hotel, Dallas United States.

“This afternoon departure, there is meeting in Jakarta before flying to America,” said student from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTE) Amanda Julia Isa, Tuesday (13/10). In addition to Amanda, his colleagues from the Faculty of Business Economics Prodi MBTI Muhammad Ibn Moharom also the Indonesian delegation to the Conference of the IEEE in America.

IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting Student Competition and Conference attended by delegates from different countries. Including from Canada, USA, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary and several other countries. Amanda, Ibn and other delegates will be presented on the development of the IEEE Student Branch in their respective countries. Amanda will be presented on the development of the IEEE Student Branch at the campus of Tel-U.

“IEEE Student Branch Tel-U was actively organized the educational activities and enterprise achievement. This is what could make the jury at the competition in Colombo impressed. Finally, we are challenged to join the competition again and establish Industry Application Society’s first in Indonesia, “said Telecommunications Engineering student class of 2011.

Amanda saw the development of applications in Indonesia is very great. This is the reason for making social projects that utilize cloud computing around campus health center in Tel-U. With models and interfaces are appropriate. The plan, a social project will be realized and can be implemented at the health center.

“IEEE Student Branch Tel-U makes the technology appropriate for the surrounding communities. That’s initially why we have a chance to be a delegate IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting and Conference Student Competition in America, “said Amanda.

In addition to the utilization of appropriate technology, IEEE conference also hold a Performance Culture. The plan Amanda will feature Indonesian traditional clothes. Before leaving for America he was preparing for the best traditional clothes and cooperating with several fashion designers.
“Easy-mudaahan I could have got the title Best Culture Award there. So not only are we promoting technological, cultural archipelago should we promote, “tutupnya.- purel / risca.

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