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22 Nov 2021

Tel-U Students Create GoDiet Application to Regulate Diet

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Three School of Industrial Engineering students at Telkom University (FRI Tel-U), namely Daffa Farras Fauzan, Brillian Adhiyaksa Kuswandi, and Tammara Audina Putri, succeeded in making a prototype for the GoDiet application.

This Mobile App-based application is for someone who has problems with their weight. The user will get several appropriate diet options through this application by adjusting their diet while providing healthy food menu recipes. At the same time, through this application, there is also a diet consultation with a nutritionist.

Tammara explained that this application was created in addition to helping someone gain or lose weight through a healthy food menu. GoDiet also collaborates with vegetable farmers to provide fresh vegetable supplies directly to consumers.

“So, users can subscribe like catering, later the GoDiet team will prepare meal plans, here we work directly with farmers so that farmers can directly sell their agricultural products to the GoDiet team or directly to consumers without going through other intermediaries.” Obviously.

This GoDiet application succeeded in bringing Tammara and the team to first place at the Asia Technological University Network (ATU Net) Hackathon 2021, which is an international competition that will take place in October 2021.

The ATU Net Hackathon is a hackathon competition where participants create an application idea with the theme “Fostering Innovation for Sustainable Industry and Infrastructure.”

Tammara and the team shared that each team was given a problem statement related to the current industry in this competition.

“In the problem statement, my team took the theme of Agriculture and finally raised the idea of ??helping people who want to go on a diet, but at the same time, we also want to help farmers sell the vegetables they grow.” Obviously.

In addition to the 3 Telkom University students, one international student is part of the Tammara team, namely Turgut, a student from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University.

Tammara hopes that the GoDiet application can be implemented in the community soon, considering that the proper diet during the current pandemic must be considered very well.

“In addition, problems in a pandemic are decreasing farmers’ income because of the middleman. So, we hope that the application can provide welfare for the farmers.”

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