26 Nov 2015

Tel-U Students Evoke the Awareness for Mount Hawu Site

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Number of students from Nature Lovers Students Telkom University (Tel-U) shared Badot tribe engaged in conservation activities, invite other students to play and do some activities on Mount Hawu, Padalarang Bandung regency, on Saturday and Sunday (10 -11/10).

This activity cultivates student and arouse awareness to the site of Mount Hawu. In addition to entertain the students the day before they take to implement Middle Semester Exam (UTS), which was started on Monday (12/10).

Mount Hawu entered Kars region Citatah already endangered because of mining activity in the rock around the region. Every day a number of heavy equipment to and fro in the Citatah Padalarang and could threaten the existence of the region.

The mountain is a historical site, however just a few people who care about preservation. Hawu Mountain formed from natural arch (Natural Arch) or natural bridge that had nothing in common with Arch Creek area of Florida that eventually collapsed due to vibrations caused by rail traffic and vehicles in the vicinity.

In addition to introduce Tel-U students to the historical site Mount Hawu which is a fraction of Mount Sunda Ancient 11,000 years ago, they also fill up the excitement with Rappelling activities (down the cliff using a rope) and Hamocking (swing between the cliffs). “Original! Cool scenery from above, pengen tried again, “Tami said one participant after trying Hamocking from a height of approximately 50 meters.

Positive responses came from Yoga from Badot Tribe. This tribe is a community of local conservationists working in the field of conservation and social issues, with a mission to ‘save the playground’ tribe Badot often hold a positive activity in the area of Mount Hawu. “It’s good to have this events frequently,” said Yoga.

Chief Executive, Raynaldi Septian, hope that the students who participated this activity can take to continue to preserve the existence of Mount Hawu by contributing to and influencing their friends. “Hopefully, other students can participate in this social campaign and spread in various media,” he said. (purel / azzah / raf)

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