30 Nov 2015

Tel-U Students Show Off The work in Gemastik 8 2015

YOGYAKARTA, TEL-U – As many as five Tel-U student creation exhibited at the Auditorium Graha Sabha Pramana Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Wednesday (28/10). The exhibition is included in a series of events National Student Exhibition of Information and Communication Technology (Gemastik) 8 2015 which took place on Monday-Thursday (26-29 / 10).

The fifth work is divided into two different categories. The first category was a software development category followed by WIPLE team with A-TooLips software and Sarangheo team with cone software. Both teams are coming from Prodi D3 Informatics FIT.

Second category was the games application development category, followed by three teams. Three teams are LastHit team with boy applications, hashtag team with Jombie applications, and Morning Star team with Artefact Hunter application. LastHit and hashtag team also from D3 Informatics FIT While Morning Star team from S1 ??Visual Communication Design FIK.

Since the beginning of the opening of the exhibition, the visitor turns to hear the explanation of the students Tel-U and even some visitors are participated to try these applications. On the previous day, Tuesday (27/9), these works have been presented in front of the jury. Results of the assessment jury announced at the closing ceremony Gemastik 8 in 2015 which will take place on Wednesday (28/9) evening. (purel / EAD)

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