Tel-U Students Won Medals for West Java

10 19 mahasiswa telu raih medali perak di PON XX

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua has ended. West Java Province came out as the Grand Champion with 133 gold medals, 105 silver medals, and 115 bronze medals. In total, West Java brought home 353 pieces of medals.

One of the sports in XX PON is Shorinji Kempo, wherein this martial sport, Key Immanuel, a Telkom University student who is an athlete of Kempo West Java, managed to donate 1 silver medal for West Java.

The student from the Faculty of Informatics said that his interest in this Japanese sports art arose because Kempo teaches disciplined life and this sport has a very strong philosophy.

“Kempo has the philosophy of “love without strength is weakness, strength without compassion is tyranny” and “conquer yourself before conquering others.” From these two philosophies, I was attracted to the sport of Shorinji Kempo.”

Key said that he had studied the martial art of Kempo since he was 7 (seven) years old, where his father and mother introduced the martial art.

“From my own family, my father and my mother studied Kempo martial arts. Until now, my papa has also been my coach at Shorinji Kempo, thus earning me a medal at the XX PON in Papua,” he said.

The 1 (one) semester student of the Informatics S1 Study Program is currently preparing himself to take part in the Regional Sports Week (Porda) competition which will take place next month.

“I hope to continue to carry the good name of Telkom University and in the future to be able to carry the name of Indonesia in international competitions and continue to advance the sport of Kempo in Indonesia,” he said. (***)

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