27 May 2015

Tel-U Won Four Awards at Robot Contest

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University Robotics Team (Tel-U) won four awards at the Indonesian Robot Contest Regional II which took place at the University of Budi Luhur Ciledug South Jakarta dated April 23 to 25, 2015. At the annual competition held by the Directorate General The Higher Education Tel-U team won 3rd place Legged Robot Fire Extinguisher, 3rd Place Robot Soccer, Runner Robot Art and ABU Robot Runner.

Guided lecturer Tel-U, Erwin Susanto, ST., MT., PhD, Arjuna robot team won 3rd place in the category KRPAI legged. Not only that, the team consists of five students of Electrical Engineering class of 2011 was also successfully obtained the title of Best Strategy in this competition. The fifth student was Chandra Trinugroho, M.Hidayah Sidiq, Nurdiansyah Revelation, the Word Ardiansyah, and Fareza Rizky.

According to team leader, Chandra Trinugroho, the robot is designed to be able to search for and extinguish fires using the actuator in the form of the foot. “The robot is equipped with a brain in the form of a System on Chip (SoC) that CubieBoard2. The microcontroller will process all input data received from all the sensors, “he said.

This robot, said Chandra, has several sensors, the ultrasonic srf-05, compass sensors, proximity sensors, UV-Tron sensor and thermal sensor array to detect the presence of hotspots. Then, when the robot at the starting point, it will automatically go to the room and check the presence of fire in that room. “Then the robot will enter spatial and look for the presence of fire, but if the robot does not detect the presence of fire in the space robot will look for another room to be checked,” he said.

Also in the position of the robot Elpistolero 3rd place in the category of Robot Soccer Contest. Under the guidance of lecturer Tel-U, Ramdhan Nugraha, S.Pd., MT, the team successfully passed every challenge competition. The team consists of five students of Electrical Engineering Tel-U class of 2011, Ali Akhmad Ghifari, Dhimas Prabudi W, Rifki Nugraha, Razi Jamil Fariz, and Hanjara Cahya A. The team leader Akhmad Ghifari Ali delivered, this robot is made to resemble a human. 4 pieces to assemble a team of robots like one football team and matched with robot teams from other universities.

“As a means of propulsion we use the AX-12 servo motors. To determine the existence of a ball, the robot was equipped with a camera on his head as a substitute for the human eye. To be able to balance and determine the orientation of the robot, we embed acceleromagneto sensor on the robot so that the robot can know when he fell down and then stand back, “said Ali. At this robot soccer game, the rules are almost the same as a football game man, the winner is the team scoring the most goals.

As for the ABU Robot Contest Indonesia (KRAI), competition with the theme “Robominton: Robot Badminton Players”. This theme is consistent with the theme that has been determined by the ABU Robocon 2015 is “Robominton: Badminton Robo Games”. In the category KRAI, Tel-U candidate 2 pieces Robot batminton namely Roobics, and managed to occupy the runner up.

The team consists of three students of Telecommunications Engineering class of 2011 namely Ikbal Agustian, Aldi Andika Pratama, Hendriadi Mukri; four students of Electrical Engineering class of 2011 is Sepfrans Josua H, Dodhy Fernando G, Fussy Mentari D, and Safia; as well as students of Engineering
Physics M.Darfyma Son. With the supervisor Lecturer Tel-U Kharisma Bani Adam, ST., MT, IG Dwi prasetya Authority, ST., MT, and favian Dewanta, ST., MT.

Ikbal Team Leader submitted Agustian, Roobics controlled by a driver on duty to control the robot so that the robot can properly perform the serve and return the shuttlecock from the opponent well.
“In KRAI, regulatory and play almost the same way as humans who play badminton. This robot is equipped with a couple of plastic bottles used to contain high-pressure air to drive pneumatic cylinder. On the mobilization robot is equipped with a 12 volt dc motor and wheels mekanum, “says Ikbal.

Under faculty adviser Simon Siregar, S. Si., M. T, Tel-U carrying robot Badaya to KRSI (Art Robot Contest). According to the FIT Computer Engineering student and Chairman Badaya team, Aris Pujud Kurniawan, these robots are assembled and decorated so that it looks like a dancer.

“We assemble the two robots are capable of performing dance movements Bambangan Cakil,” said Aris.
Besides Aris, six students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences who assemble the robot Badaya, namely Lathif Ritya Dwi Putra, M. Gibran Toto, Chintya Nermelita M, Muh Abid Irawan, Intan Sulviany and Fadila Rahmadany.
EIRRG or Electronics And Robotic Intelligence Research Group Telkom University had never missed Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) annually. According to the Chairman at the same EIRRG Student Computer Systems 2012, Aulian Miftahul Fathan, the contest this time Tel-U made 10 robots.

“One for Robot Fire Extinguisher Wheeled Division AZKAIZAN 4WD, one for Fire Extinguisher Division Legged Robot Arjuna, two Robot batminton ROOBICS, four Robot Soccer Elpistolero, and two Art Robot Badaya,” said Aulian.

Clearly, the technology used to make this work include the design and measurement electronics, measurement and design mechanics, the election system in the form of embedded microcontroller and mikoprocessor and control system design with support systems that sensors embedded in the robot.

“To manufacture the robot takes multiple areas of expertise and each area of expertise itself has manifold. Our preparations towards this national contest which is to improve the robots and meminimaslisir possibility of error that would occur when in the match. Not to forget we continue to pray to almighty power that facilitated, “said Aulian. (Purel / risca)

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