13 Jun 2014

Telkom Open Library To Become The Asia Foundation Partner Books For Asia Program

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom Open Library was chosen as a trusted partner of the Foundation for the distribution of books and journals of contemporary academic English to colleges located in all of West Java and Banten. “At first we had chaos since at the beginning each institution were only taking supply at the central office of Asia Foundation in Indonesia.  Because the books which distributed were too much finally we were greatly assisted by our partnership with Telkom Open Library in the distribution of the books in West Java, “said the Officer of Books for Asia Program in Indonesia, Aryasatyani Sintadewi. The statement from a woman who was familiarly called Shinta was disclosed in the sidelines of the 2nd Regular Meeting of Higher Education Libraries Seminar and Workshop Forum (FPPT) all of West Java and Banten, which was held in the Multimedia Learning Center Building Telkom University, Wednesday (04/06) .
According to him, a great yearning and dreams for the Asia Foundation in which every student in the world to have access to the books that inspire them to fully develop their potential. “Universities across Indonesia are deficient of the latest resources and quality. Books for Asia program helps address this need by providing books and texts from a variety of disciplines knowledge including economics, finance, law, environmental, political science, and anthropology to higher education institutions and private land across Indonesia, “he said.
In 2011, Books for Asia has donated more than 35,000 high quality books in English to various universities in Indonesia. In the 2014, Telkom University selected by the Asia Foundation to be the partner for the distribution of the books to the various universities in West Java and Banten. Meanwhile, the Head of Library Nyoman Bogi Aditya K. ST. MSEE said Books for Asia program is actually in line with the Telkom Open Library mission. “We’re hand in hand with other librarians and helping the books distribution to the parties that need it.” (Purel / PH / azzah)

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